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Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Research

 Testindo Group believes in the importance of maintaining a close contact with the scientific community active in fields close to our activities domains, in particular smart structures, structural engineering, sensing and fiber optic sensors. These contacts allow Testindo SMARTEC Telemac to remain at the front of scientific progress and to contribute to the diffusion of the monitoring culture worldwide. Our research and development team actively contributes in the research community, attending conferences and regularly publishing in the scientific literature. we support academic research by participating in joint research projects and by regularly welcoming graduate and undergraduate students for stages and exchange programs.



Academic relations

We entertain close research contacts with the following universities:



  • EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • ETHZ, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
  • SUPSI-USI, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
  • Princeton University, US
  • Università agli studi di Genova, Italy
  • Università di Pavia, Italy


 We have also other academic projects in other countries through European Commission's projects and through our international distributors.

If your laboratory has an interesting idea for a common research projects, please contact our chief Technology Officer, Dr. Daniele Inaudi us at inaudi@smartec.ch . We are interested in hearing about your proposal.


Testindo Group employees are active in these scientific and professional organizations:


  • ISHMII: International Society for Health Monitoring and Intelligent Infrastructures (Dr. Daniele Inaudi, fellos, member Executive committee and Treasurer)
  • SPIE's annual conference on SMART Structures and Materials (Dr. Daniele Inaudi, previous Chairmen of the Sensor Conference)
  • OFS: International conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (Dr. Daniele Inaudi, member of the scientific committee)
  • IABMAS: International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety (Dr. Daniele Inaudi, member of the Scientific Committee)

Benefits of Testindo Group Integrated Health Monitoring Solutions



1 - Integrated Solutions Testindo Group provides Integrated Structural Health Monitoring Solutions for research projects, based on advanced fiber optic technologies and conventional sensors. We also integrate third party transducers for additional information. All sensing technologies are seamlessly integrated into a single database and user interface.




2 - SHMLive Through the SHMLive service, Testindo Group offers a comprehensive solution for structural health monitoring. This includes the design of the system, its delivery and installation, maintenance and operation, web access to the data and data analysis by experienced engineering partners, all for a fixed monthly fee.



3 - A complete array of sensors and system for research Testindo Smartec Telemac offer a complete toolbox of sensors, data acquisition units and software to create complex monitoring systems for scientific research on structures of all types.
Innovative solutions, reliable technologies We can develop specific products and solutions for your own needs and applications. We base our designs on proven components and technologies and our experience on creating reliable sensing solutions for demanding applications.

4 - Scientific Network Testindo Group maintains a close contact with the scientific community active in fields close to our activities domains, in particular smart structures, and structural engineering, sensing and fiber optic sensors. We can tap into this network to find information and technologies that are needed to solve complex sensing and SHM tasks.



5 - Testindo Group: your dependable partner for instrumentation project management Testindo Smartc Telemac will support you in all phases of the project, from the system design, to installation, commissioning and training. Through our experience and commitment, we guarantee the satisfaction of your monitoring needs. The Testindo group has been instrumenting critical structures, including dams and nuclear power plants, for more than 60 years. We will be here to support your project for at least the next 60. Our worldwide network of system integrators provides a competent local support for your project. All our systems come with a 10 year warranty on the availability of spare parts.





The solution packages detailed in the product page and application pages cover most current applications in sensing and Structural Health Monitoring.  However each research project has specific requirements and needs that can be addressed by a tailored system. We have developed a 7-step methodology to design and implement a optimal SHM system for your project.