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Bearing and Gearbox diagnostics




  • provides automated health diagnostics per machine element
  • compares vibration characteristics of multiple sensors against a set of known and predefined failure modes
  • avoids time consuming manual diagnosis by reviewing time waveforms and various forms of FFTs per sensor


Industries we serve


Plastics /Films and Pellets
From the extrusion of pellets to the production of films, PROGNOST®-Predictor detects equipment issues and determines the root cause of defects and splits. The system monitors complex gearboxes with vibration and provides an early warning of upcoming bearing failures. On a film line, gearboxes and high-speed orienting rolls are monitored


Cement and Building Materials
Complex gearboxes, large fans and power motors are critical equipment in Cement and Building Material plants. The ability to know precisely when to replace bearings can often make the difference in a profitable operation or one that loses money due to unnecessary shutdowns or catastrophic failures. PROGNOST®-Predictor monitors this key equipment and provides months of warning, allowing a planned, efficient replacement.


Converting and Packaging facilities produce profits when they can efficiently convert raw materials to valuable end products. Often these facilities struggle with determining whether incoming materials are the issue or whether their operation is the problem. PROGNOST®-Predictor allows production to pinpoint the root cause and either take action with suppliers or make equipment adjustments.

General Maintenance
Anyone in a manufacturing plant understands the value of reliability. Avoidance of equipment surprises, raw material variations, or personnel issues allows operations to run steadily and without costly interruption. PROGNOST®-Predictor detects upcoming equipment failures at an early stage, allowing a scheduled maintenance shutdown for repair/replacement.

Producing thin webs up to 11m wide at speeds up to 2,000m/min is certainly a challenge. Subtle changes in sheet tension, roll or felt vibration, pressure pulsations in the headbox, or foreign objects (oil, water drops, etc.) can cause costly web breaks or defects. PROGNOST®-Predictor detects equipment issues before they contribute to downtime and sees defects before they occur which enables operators to quickly and efficiency fix issues and increase production.

Producing tissue/towel webs at over 2,000m/min seems impossible. But with today’s technology, this is now possible. Slight deviations of doctor blade, yankee or turn-up equipment can quickly make the difference between a profitable day and a loss. PROGNOST®-Predictor monitors equipment for vibration and pressure variations to find the source of web issues

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