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Slope Monitoring


Movement of soil condition monitoring can be done by a variety of methods, one using the method of slope monitoring. Monitoring condition slope take advantage of GPS devices (Global Positioning System) as a device that will monitor every movement of the slope.

Next monitoring data has been obtained from the GPS will be in the report and will determine the level or status of a slope, so in the event of natural disasters such as landslides will give early notice.

Why use GPS Monitoring  ?


Over the last decade, continuous GPS techniques have been used to measure crustal deformation rates and tectonic plate velocities to better than 1 mm/yr. In addition, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS processing algorithms have been developed that allow real-time positioning at high accuracies, high frequencies and low latencies.i Improved manufacturing methods and increased market competition have led to reduced costs for GPS hardware. In short, GPS has matured to the point where it is now a viable and cost-effective tool for performance monitoring.

At the same time, improved capabilities in computing and communications have drastically altered our working and living environments. The integration of GPS with advanced digital technologies has engendered an entirely new monitoring model. Today, GPS networks provide the engineer and scientist with the ability to:



  • Continuously monitor three-dimensional point position and displacement in real-time or near real-time.
  • Monitor relative displacement between points that are not inter-visible, over station separations from meters to hundreds of kilometers.
  • Monitor deformation directly as displacement, removing secondary interpretations and modeling.
  • Remotely monitor assets virtually anywhere in the world via wireless communications and the Internet.

Slope Monitoring Applications :

  • Landslides - safe and repeatable remote monitoring of dangerous active landslides and other natural slope failures.
  • Rock Cuttings - quick and simple repeat surveys of road-side and railway line cuttings prone to rockfalls.
  • Geo-technical Analysis - automated acquisition of detailed, daily measurements and imagery for geo-technical analysis of rock mass structure and behaviour.


Testindo as a company engaged in the testing and services, provide GPS Monitoring product, the product can be seen below :



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